Can we help you with our frequently asked questions?

Q: HELP! My wick will not stay lit!

A: Wooden wicks are awesome and cleaner burning, but require a little help to get started!

Be sure to light the wick all the way across! Do not just hold the flame until it lights in the middle or on one end and then remove it. The wick stays lit by bringing up melted wax so it needs heat to get started. I hold my lighter there for about 5 seconds to melt some wax around the wick. This helps it get started strong and ensure a great burn! If you still see it only burning in the center, dap a small paper towel wad into the wax around to soak some up, it will then "undrown" your wick and allow for a higher, better flame.

Before relighting your wick each time, knock off the charred pieces of wooden wick from the previous burn.

Remember to burn to the edge of the candle with every burn to prevent tunneling! Once you master these easy wooden wicks, you'll never go back!

Q: When do your Fall and Winter scents come out?

A: Fall will be out in August and Winter in September!

Q: Do you offer private labeling?

A: At the moment, no private labeling is offered but we do wholesale. Please contact us using the box below for more info

If these did not answer your questions please contact us and we would be happy to help!